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"We have trained thousands of operators from military, law enforcement, and private industry."

Our instructors bring over fifty years of combined experience from the law enforcement, military and special operations community. All of our instructors are instructor-operators and are quiet professionals in their fields. Our instructors currently serve with major California police & sheriffs departments, United States Navy Force Protection Units, United States Marine Corps & United States Navy Seal Team. 


Our instructors bring a diverse operational training background within their respective fields including: F.B.I. Firearms Police Instructor, N.R.A. Instructor, United States Naval Instructor, U.S.M.C. Primary Marksmanship Instructor division schools, AMC Phoenix Raven, Special Warfare Tactics, Small Unit Tactics, Protective Driver Operator, Protective Services Operator, Scout Sniper, Urban Warfare, Special Operations Combat Medic, Naval Special Warfare Seal Tactical Training, FATS Instructor, Special Weapons & Tactics, Force Instructor, Sky Marshal, Monadnock Instructor Trainer, DefTec Instructor, and many other professional training experiences.

Our instructors are life long students and continue to hone their skills by attending some of the finest training schools such as; HSS International, Black Water Lodge, Gunsite, Frontsight, SureFire Institute, Tactical Firearms Training Team, Thunder Ranch, Top Gun and others.



We recognize the importance of developing programs that can deliver the techniques and concepts for rapid skill acquisition in an effective and efficient manner. These techniques are built upon real world experience, training, extensive research and study by our staff. We understand that many operators attend training courses on their own time and at their own expense. Therefore we remove all the fluff, self promotions and endless war stories that sometimes find their way into training courses. This allows us to apply our training methodology with no down time in order to accomplish our mission. 



Our courses are specific skills oriented which include  progressive live fire evolutions. All of our courses are designed to provide a good understanding of the fundamentals and progress from that platform. Therefore our courses are short, intensive and to the point to teach that specific skill for which the course was designed to teach. Even though our courses are intensive, we conduct our courses so that they are conducive to a learning environment. You will not have a drill instructor yelling in your ear. Though our instructors are proven to be intensive operators, each one is hand picked not only for their operational skills but for their ability to teach with that passion that is common among good instructors. They are professional instructors who are patient, knowledgeable, and take pride in their work. The trademark of a good instructor is not always how well the instructor can perform but how well the student can perform after the applied skills are taught. The passion of teaching comes from the heart and not ink on a piece of paper.



Special Operations Group (SOG) is a company that was formed in 1996 primarily as a training, retail and consulting company. As a result of our affiliation and networking partners, we have a unique insight into the demand and requirements of the Special Operations community. 


We develop unique products primarily for law enforcement, military, homeland security, and security professionals. We bring advance skills and knowledge garnered from years of experience. We partner with some of the best designers, developers, engineers, and project managers in our industry to support product development. We work primarily with veteran owned companies.


Our mission is to provide collaboration with our partners in developing and bringing to market unique products to enhance the overall capabilities of our nations hero’s; the military operator, first responder, public safety and security professional. 


If you have an idea or product that you would like to explore further with us, please feel free to contact me. We can take that idea from concept to reality. 


Frank Medrano
Executive Director
Special Operations Group



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